The next level of corporate identity

Creating a unique environment to represent your company’s identity. Our services bring employees and customers closer to your business and give a social media relevance to your brand. Permit us to introduce you to Corporate Identity Art.


Our clients and their projects are the very basis of our creative production. Building a close relationship with our customers is essential to us. Therefore we take time acknowledging their core business and lifestyle to match the visual solution with each company’s identity. Please check out our latest projects and feel free to leave comments at contact.

Njord Gin

Njord Gin arm


Luxury Dreams

Luxury Dreams art close up




What they say about us


Troel and Lars Toke from Njord Gin
Troels and Lars Toke • founders of Njord Gin

“Linda and Camilo both possess talented creative mindsets, and have the ability to visualize all aspects of an art project. They did a great job at turning our ideas and visions into tangible art pieces, and managed to create a connection between our brand values and their Artwork.

Furthermore, they are very reliable and easygoing, which is a big plus for us.”



Marcel and Michael Kern from Luxury Dreams
Marcel and Michael Kern • founders of Luxury Dreams

“Linda is a great artist. She combined her vision (of art) with our objectives and created a fantastic travel lounge atmosphere in our first flagship store.

A giant triptychon excites all our customers from different lifestyles and inspires them individually. coidart and the Luxury Dreams Artwork will be an important element in our store concept all over the world.”